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Short description of the project
»The Infrastructural program – collecting, managing and archiving data on media literacy« will collect data, analyze trends and indicators about media literacy in Slovenia throughout a longer period of time. The data collected in this program will be essential for the analysis of media literacy in Slovenia and will enable comparative positioning in the European and global environment. Thus this program will with the presented methodology, contents and form contribute to the ability to prepare political decisions and follow through their execution.

Media literacy is becoming an increasingly important part of EU and national programs in media and communication sectors. In the last few years European institutions have systematically called for measurement and improvement of media literacy. The Resolution of European Parliament clearly assigns European commission to prepare a systematic global overview and reporting of different aspects of media literacy in Europe. The infrastructural program will offer support for successful research at the School of Advanced Social Studies as well as in other national and international programs for media and communication research. Gathered and publicly published data will present a basis for different research projects in Slovenija and abroad.

We plan to gather data about media literacy in these contexts:
• gathering of data on projects, programms and other activities concerning media literacy in Slovenia – the creation of a systematical database of projects about media literacy on different levels by different players;
• the creation of a database of best practices in accordance with recommendations of the European Commission;
• the creation of a database of institutions and organizations (EU and national) that are involved in media literacy research, which will enable the international cooperation of researchers;
• gathering of data on Slovenian media literacy for the purpose of international comparison;
• statistical analysis of gathered data.

The data and statistical analysis will be publicaly available on a special freely available and user-friendly website created for this purpose.

Key words: media literacy, public, media, communication, audiovisual content

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